Data-X-ChangeThe Integration, Reporting and Analysis of Data
Get flexible data integration layer. For most Organizations, data integration, reporting and analysis involves synchronizing huge quantities of variable, heterogeneous data resulting from wide range of internal systems, external systems and social media, each with its own format and unique demands for storage and extraction. Data integration and reporting becomes major effort requiring extensive resources.  And when implemented, often with reduced value of the information due to delays and challenges to adapt to future needs – leading to questionable analysis and basis for decisions. Our Data-X-Change products serve as this flexible and adaptive data integration layer.

The Big Data Dilemma
The Big Data Dilemma – the more information is harvested and available to the Organizations, the harder it is to derive actionable and purposeful value within reasonable time, cost, and risk.

Why Recogniti Data-X-Change
Collaboration without Integration®. Data-X-Change takes data, regardless of the source, and builds a very flexible data integration layer. It allows Organizations to connect different sources of data incrementally as needed. An Organization can create a data exchange between several data sources without the need for complex integrations or transformation. At a later time, another database, streaming data source or even a spreadsheet can be added without having to build an entirely new data model.  Non-technical business users can easily consume all this data into personalized reporting, dashboards, visualizations, models to bring information back into everyday tools such as Excel.

Semantic Web
Ontology-based Data Model. Data-X-Change Big Data takes data, regardless of the source, and continues to extend the data model and integrate data in, even if the Organization doesn’t anticipate a particular kind of information up front.  The underlying graph-model used by Semantic Web provides added flexibility to present data than the rational ways.

How it works
Making it Easy. Data-X-Change enables applications to send requests for retrieval or upload of data to databases, and streaming data feeds.  Users can use everyday processes (such as sending an e-mail), and tools (Microsoft Excel) to send similar requests without the need for training.  The Data-X-Change integration layer processes these requests in near real-time or in real-time and returns personalized response back to the application or the user.  The graphic below depicts this processing flow.
Data-X-Change Processing flow
Domain Applications

  • Federal Government: Housing, Labor, Veterans Affairs, Education, Agriculture, State, Justice, Treasury, Healthcare, Energy, Defense, Homeland, Interior, Transportation, Intelligence
  • Commercial Organizations: Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Consumer Products
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Biotechnology, Pharma
  • Higher Education: Universities, Research, Science
  • Financial Services: Banks, Investment Brokerage, Credit Services, Insurance
  • Utilities: Electric, Gas, Water


  • New product development
  • Big Data and information extraction
  • Ontology-based search engine
  • Decision support systems
  • Learning knowledge exchange (Knowledge-X-Change)

Our Signature

  • Added flexibility.  Connect systems and data based on a flexible data integration layer.
  • Lower cost.  Rapidly deploy and gain competitive advantage by eliminating costly data integrations and reporting.
  • Adaptable design. Extend the data integration model incrementally as needed.
  • User value. Consume and visualize data with flexibility and ease.

About Recogniti
Recogniti is a technology solution integration and services management Organization established with the main vision to bring technology innovations in the areas of Big Data, analytics and decision science.  Recogniti delivers strategic, functional, technical and implementation consulting services while offering an iterative and pragmatic approach to improve Big Data management, insights, and business analytics.

Our team is highly skilled and very passionate about our mission.  Recogniti Consulting Services’ experienced data scientists and analytics consultants can help you successfully implement your solutions, maximize the value of your investment, and turn your data into insights and value.

Other solutions by Recogniti include Inventive Problem Solving Platform, Data and Logic Fusion Appliance, and Ontology-based Search Engine.