Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Data-X-ChangeThe demand for electronic health information exchange from one health care professional to another is growing along with nationwide efforts to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care delivery. Federal and State requirements, new payment approaches that stress care coordination, and federal financial incentives are all driving the interest and demand for Health Information Exchange(HIE).

What is HIE?
Health Information Exchange allows health care professionals and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically. There are many health care delivery scenarios driving the technology behind the different forms of health information exchange available today. Health Information Exchange (HIE) is one of the most common forms of utilizing an EHR solution.

Comprehensive HIE Solution
Recogniti HIE solution provides secure Web-based access to patient records to all authorized healthcare providers. Any healthcare entity – federal or state agencies or private sector health organizations or networks who want to exchange health information securely over the Internet, intra- or extra-organizationally, can use our HIE solution.

Based on a modular platform that supports the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) Exchange and Direct standards, Recogniti HIE solution allows organizations to pick and choose the elements that fit their requirements for health information exchange.

Recogniti’s HIE solution offers:

  • Support exchange with trading partners using 2010 or Summer 2011 versions of NwHIN Exchange specifications
  • Patient Discovery, Documents Query and Retrieval, Administrative Distribution and Document Submission transactions – support for secure health information flows of 1,600+ 500K messages per minute, in or out (1,600+ combined)
  • Exchange and process, via streaming, large payload sizes of up to 1 GB, allowing secure large file transfer
  • Support Core Meaningful Use 2 objectives related to the secure electronic exchange of health information
  • Comprehensive event and metric data with improved logging capabilities
  • Supports both the Direct Project specifications and NwHIN specifications covering two transports for MU2 (e.g. electronically sending and receiving patient data, transition of care, registering immunization information, public health reporting, and patient access to data)
  • Available for deployment on the Cloud or On-Premises
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Security and Privacy Controls
The Nationwide Health Information Network “trust fabric” is established via the combination of operating procedures, the data use and reciprocal sharing agreement (DURSA) and the Nationwide Health Information Network service interface specifications. The DURSA is the legal basis for the trust fabric, the operating procedures encapsulate Nationwide Health Information Network-specific operating policies forming the operational and management basis for trust, and the Nationwide Health Information Network service interface specifications are the technical basis of trust in the Nationwide Health Information Network. Recogniti HIE solution implements the security and privacy controls defined in the Nationwide Health Information Network services, and when implemented and combined with the Nationwide Health Information Network operating procedures and the DURSA, it allows organizations to participate in the web of trust that enables the secure exchange of interoperable health information among the participants of the Nationwide Health Information Network.

These controls include the implementation of server based PKI and the Nationwide Health Information Network NHIE service registry which define and secure the Nationwide Health Information Network core backbone. The messaging platform and authorization framework implement additional security and privacy controls to address the known threats for Web services implementations of service-oriented-architectures. The audit log query service is designed to meet the requirements for HIPAA disclosure accounting. The consumer preferences profile allows consumers to express their preferences for whether or not to share their information on the Nationwide Health Information Network and for more granular control over access to their private information. The Recogniti HIE policy engine enforces those preferences in the runtime environment to insure that the access policies of the organization and the preferences of the consumer are honored in the decision to release health information in response to a request from the Nationwide Health Information Network.

Federal agencies considering Recogniti HIE solution must adhere to FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002) requirements in addition to meeting the HIPAA requirements. Our HIE solution has been engineered to meet these more exacting security requirements and is undergoing the HHS Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process. Private sector organization considering Recogniti HIE will receive the benefit of a solution that is built to meet the more stringent requirements of the federal agencies.

Meaningful Use Achievement
Recogniti understands healthcare and we understand the pressure that healthcare providers of all sizes are under to meet Meaningful Use requirements and the looming 2015 penalty deadlines for EHR connectivity.

Please contact us to learn more about Recogniti’s HIE solution.