Together with Dr. Yonco Mermersky, Recogniti has developed Point-of-Contact Diagnostic of COVID-19 capability (patent pending US 62,993,041) – a novel diagnostic, surveillance, monitoring and test capability based on existing technology and methods widely used in other domains. Point-of-Contact Diagnostic of COVID-19 is composed of a device that is paired with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to improve the accuracy of detection and reduce false positive and false negative rates. The results are available in less than one (1) minute and the cost of each test kit is very low. Our team is working hard to obtain the regulatory approvals in the United States and the European Union to take the COVID-19 tests to the frontline healthcare professionals and facilities where they are most needed. Our vision is to make the COVID-19 test kits available to every business and household.

A major benefit of the proposed diagnostics and test capability is the stress reduction on the healthcare system – by pre-screening out the negative cases it allows the limited healthcare capacity and resources to be allocated where they are most needed.

Meet the COVID-19 Principal Investigator Dr. Yonco Mermersky

Dr. Mermersky is an Organic Chemist (PhD Georgetown University 1994), researcher and inventor. He has over 100 publications, published in more than 10 foreign languages with over 10,000 citations. He is the author/owner of 10+ inventions and utility patents in the area of chemistry and engineering. All of his inventions are actively used in practice, research, industry and consumer applications. His most notable and popularly used inventions are in the area of air quality and environment protection. Dr. Mermersky is an expert in data collection systems and methods design and experimentation, data processing design and systems application, data processing and analysis, statistical data analysis and trend identification, statistical interpolation/extrapolation analysis.

Dr. Mermersky at the White House with President Trump, speaking on Bloomberg TV, and with Dr. Anthony Fauci