Why Recogniti Services

Recogniti Consulting Services’ experienced data scientists and analytics consultants can help you successfully implement your solutions, maximize the value of your investment, and turn your data into insights and value.

Recogniti delivers strategic, functional, technical and implementation consulting services while offering an iterative and pragmatic approach to improve Big Data management, insights, and business analytics.

Simply integrating and aggregating a large volume of structured and unstructured data is not sufficient to enable value creation.  It is important to assess the value of data, focus on the right elements, and apply industry-specific business process know-how to generate insights that can drive value to your business.

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Recogniti specializes in selecting, analyzing, re-structuring and extracting insights from the data and presenting it in the form of a clear, visually compelling story and easy to understand reports so that you can clearly see the value generated from the business insights.

Recogniti Service Offerings.

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Recogniti provides deep expertise in transforming key business processes such as:

  • HIE & EHR/EMR Implementation: Recogniti’s experienced team of implementation coordinators have years of on-the-ground health care experience. With this background and industry knowledge, we are uniquely able to direct and guide you through the application setup, training and EDI process, making sure the right Recogniti resources are on hand so your transaction to our practice automation tools is as smooth and seemless as possible.
  • Predictive Analytics and Big Data Mining: Recogniti enables you to predict critical business trends faster and help you stay ahead of the competition.  Being one-step ahead and predictably model trends will give you a competitive business advantage.
  • Intelligence and Security: Faster turnover of data and more cataloged data will allow for more powerful and efficient intelligence gathering processes to detect possible security threats. More latent data can be processed and used to achieve organizational goals or objectives.
  • Financial Insight: In an increasingly digitized and dynamic world, synthesis of information and brevity of decision and action are increasingly important to maintain a competitive edge in the financial world. Having more information presented to your organization in a more comprehensible format means that better-supported, more holistic, and faster decisions can be taken.
  • Business Execution: More complex regulations (governmental and internal) and an increasingly global world obfuscate correct business executions. More data will allow businesses to make better business executions by having more access to demographic, economic, global, political, market, and internal data.