Mobile Location-Based E-Commerce

Mobile Location-Based E-CommerceThe rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and daily online deals has driven consumer preferences for online shopping. Online stores are now expected to provide an exceptional, personalized experience regardless of the customer’s location and how they reach your store.

E-commerce empowers visitors to complete a transaction in a familiar shopping environment – whether that transaction involves locating the closest store, purchasing a product, booking an event, locating a deal, or paying a credit card bill. Recogniti can help you increase the rate of visitor-to-customer conversions by integrating capabilities that engage your visitor and build trust including geolocation, on-demand advertisements, product rating systems, customer reviews, social networking, and a variety of payment and shipping options.

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Shopping Mobile
In 2013, Americans will buy $38.84 billions worth of stuff using a smartphone or a tablet. By 2017, that number is expected to reach $108.56 billion. Dedicated smartphone and tablet apps can differentiate your business by offering immediate, personalized, and seamless access to your products and services. Apple’s iOS and Android platforms can further enhance your multichannel retail strategy by extending your efforts to strengthen your brand and grow customer loyalty.

Grow Customer Loyalty
A successful e-commerce strategy provides a personalized experience and great customer service. When your e-commerce system is extended to track and predict customer behavior, you can provide customers with real-time information and offers that are tailored to their preferences and geolocation. Advanced personalization can be achieved with data mining, retail analytics and social network integration and is crucial to building customer loyalty and generating repeat orders. Recogniti brings together e-commerce, mobile and Business Intelligence expertise to help take your e-commerce initiative to the next level.

Mobile E-Commerce and Location Based Services
Smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives. Customers use smartphones to compare prices while they are shopping in a store, and they even book tickets, order taxis, and reserve tables in restaurants while they are on the go. This activity represents huge potential that could be leveraged by your company. Recogniti’s platform shows you how you can generate new customers and business areas with the help of mobile commerce, thus preparing you for the future in the best possible way.

  • Mobile app for finding information and ordering products
  • Creation of location-based and personalized campaigns – customers learn about your store locations
  • Linking of traditional sales with your online business
  • Real-time analysis of campaigns and customer activities

Key Benefits

  • Use smartphones as a new point-of-sale
  • Customer communication in real time via push messages sent directly to smartphones
  • Personalized sales approach via location-based messages sent directly to smartphones
  • Direct increase of impulse purchases and more visits to brick-and-mortar stores

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